Honeymyrtle  offers a nature-immersive experience in a natural and nurturing setting in the Adelaide Hills, providing nature-based play activities, bush adventures, story-telling, risk-taking and social and community-building.

By recognising their dedication and commitment to play and by letting it unfold without unnecessary interruption, children are able to wholly bring into being their own deep imaginative forces. Open-ended natural materials for play are capable of endless transformation and imaginative enrichment so at Honeymyrtle, simple animal figures, coloured cloths, natural shells, wood, seed pods and wooden furniture and loose parts make children the creators of their own play. Adventures into the bush give an appreciation for the natural world, stimulating curiosity and engendering respect… whilst having fun getting dirty!

Reverence, wonder and joy are elements of every day and are as valuable to the heart as learning is to the mind. Children and their families form the Honeymyrtle community with half day activities, playgroups, workshops and bush adventures led by an experienced early childhood educator with a passion to share the natural world in a meaningful and non-tokenistic way with children and families.

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Parenting workshop: ‘A Waldorf Morning…’

For parents wishing to know more about Waldorf philosophy and the connection between home and school life, for those who want a calmer home and happier children… spend a morning in the rich sensory experience of a Waldorf home. Discover storytelling, bread baking, circle-time songs, nature-based activities and share in the vital aspects that you can bring into your home to create a calm and nurturing rhythm for your family.

If you are a new Waldorf family seeking information, or just want to make changes in your home life to avoid the ever-increasing commercialisation of childhood, this morning is for you. If you want ideas around nature-immersive play and how to source open-ended toys from natural resources, this morning is for you. If you want to discuss  how to incorporate Waldorf ways simply into your home this morning is for you. If you suspect there is a calmer, gentler, more holistic way to parent, this morning is for you…

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About the owner of Honeymyrtle:

Honeymyrtle is owned and operated by Sally Amazon. Sally is the mother of 5 children with 21 years between eldest and youngest. Her children all attend Waldorf schools as (originator of Waldorf schools) Rudolf Steiner’s educational philosophy most closely aligns with her own.

Sally has a strong belief in families being able to access a nature-based, wholistic and nurturing service that offers nature-immersive experiences that lead to a love and respect of our natural surroundings.

Honeymyrtle offers short or longer sessions of bush adventures, nature activities, storytelling, free-play with natural resources and loose parts, dramatic play, music and quiet moments of contemplation, playgroups for families and workshops for adults.


Get in touch here to discuss a session of play, holiday care, parties, excursions, incursions, consults or workshops!