‘Home’ Playgroup for birth – 4 years


‘Home’ Playgroup is a warm and welcoming environment for new parents, pregnant women and partners to come together with children and be present with them as they make brand new discoveries in a natural, holistic setting.

Free play for toddlers allows them to safely make choices and discoveries, to watch or to join in, to test boundaries and find them firm but not rigid, to be encouraged, not ‘helicoptered’. We are adults engaged in our own ‘work’ as the children engage with theirs. Whilst we are engaged in our work, children understand that adults may not sit around watching and waiting after them, but can be lovingly present whilst busy.


Playgroup - outdoor play spaces

Circle time is led by the educator, with familiar and new songs, rhymes and finger games. These follow a seasonal rhythm, bringing awareness to the passing year. Hands are washed, a simple thankful nature blessing given then fruit is shared for morning tea.

After more free play or a simple craft activity, we end the session by sitting together to hear a short puppet story. Children gather round the storyplace with adults helping and holding on laps if necessary. Children are farewelled with a goodbye song and then swing on the gate to home…!

‘Bush’ Playgroup 

Bush playgroup meets in local ‘wild places’ to explore, discover, observe and enjoy what nature has to offer us as families and individuals. Pack some water, pop on sunscreen and a hat and bring a piece of fruit to share and we’ll head off on a mini adventure with your little ones. We will meet at various locations fortnightly and walk, clamber, build cubbies, listen to birdsong, paddle, sing songs and hear a nature story while enjoying the beauty of our native bushlands.



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